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Warning! Read befor start!

Video How To Place a classified

Woops Cloud Dashboard

With the new dashboard you can place ads on more than 40 Escort / Massage websites.

GROUPS - Group your ads
Ad groups (ex Vanessa) can contain one ad for each site of you country.
Upon renewal of your ads, you will be able
to renew your group (eg Vanessa) by 1 click on all the sites.
All the ads of the group will therefore be refreshed.
You don't longer need to encode your ads several times a day.
GROUPS - Automatic renewal
You will also be able to place the group announcement Vanessa in
automatic renewal 1x 3x or 6x /day.
To automatically renew a group announcement, click (My Ads) and select 1time 6times 3times /day

Step 1 - Place your ads

Go to Menu.Place Ad in the menu and start placing ads on each site of you country.
Don't forget to create/select a group each time you place an ad on a website.
If your pictures are not show, click Refresh Album in the Pictures Tabs.

Step 2 - Check your ads

You can see the group's announcement in My Ads

Step 3 - Automatic Renewal

In My Ads click 1 times 3 times or 6 times to plan the number of automatic renewal of your group of classifieds.

Other phone numbers?

In My Numbers you can add/validate other phone numbers.
Only validated phone numbers can be used to place ads.